202 Peaklane - AMENITIES

If you want total experience from 202 Peaklane's access to a premier lifestyle with easy access on various modes of health, wellness and leisure – you’re in for a great time here. Before you even think about it, check the following indoor and outdoor amenities the place has to offer.

For one – if you are thinking of celebrating events, occasions or milestones in your life in style – you can do it right here in the community. A Function Room is available for you, your family and friends – as you hold your birthday parties, baptismal parties, graduation parties, moving up celebrations or even wedding shower events. Whatever it is – invite your friends along and have a good time. You need not spend a lot – and it’s even more convenient with your home a few steps away from the party. Exciting times, indeed!

Or if you and your love ones and friends are in the mood for some movie bingeing or karaoke singing – you can go to the Theater/KTV Room where you will find modern audio and video equipment to keep you entertained. Want to go solo singing – no problem, do it in the privacy of this room where you would be able to spend quality time with family and friends to beat those blues away. Have fun on Friday or Saturday nights where you can stay longer as there would be no school or office the next day. Plan your next bonding sessions here and enjoy to the hilt. After all, you deserve to chill and relax after an exhausting week.

Another option for you – if you have some friends to meet-up for much needed catch-ups. Perhaps, you want a business meeting that’s light and relaxed. You have the Society Lounge as part of your amenities when you stay in Peaklane 202. This ambiance is too hard to resist – a refreshing, sophisticated place that exudes the right mood you want. Chill as you drink some refreshing drinks or perhaps, some wine to go about your meetings, reunions or just hanging out with friends and love ones to de-stress. Remember, you need not go too far – it is within your community.

As they say, “Health is wealth.” What’s more appealing than a gym right a few steps from your home? No pricey gym or club memberships and highly advanced and modern gym equipment are definite treats for you. Spend the 1st hour of your mornings here or maybe, early evenings right before dinner. Bond as a family together as you walk, run, jump, skip, bend, stretch, flex and do those crunches and lunges. Work you way out to a healthier you. Time to exercise and sweat it out. It’s quite relaxing, too.

For those who are into dancing, take heart. There is a dance studio in this property where you can show your dancing prowess. Or form groups and compete with dance exhibitions or contests. You can also learn new dances perhaps. It would be more fun to encourage your love ones and friends to join you. This is also a good form of exercise – and a sure stress-buster. Dance your way on weeknights or weekends – whatever it takes, just dance.

Last but not the least, an indoor amenity that’s sure to delight anyone, especially the male members of the household is the game room. Care to play some darts? Or perhaps some board games for the kids and the millennials? Anything that can keep you off from tinkering your gadgets is surely a welcome treat.

There are also outdoor amenities and facilities for you to use and enjoy. A list of carefully planed outdoor features is situated at the 5th Level of the property.

Something as refreshing, colorful and vibrant as the garden decks would surely enthrall you. Time to smell the flower and bask in the greeneries around you. You walk around; there are toilets for PWDs and parking slots for motorcycles. There are storage areas with CCTV cameras. A fire reserve tank, a pressurized fire staircase and shafts and a cistern tank reservoir are here, all designed for the residents’ use and comfort. There’s a segregated garbage disposal as well as a rainwater collector to keep the environment always clean and green.

This community has the right mix of facilities and amenities that would surely keep you in a very happy place such as Peaklane 202.

  • Main Drop-Off Area
  • East Lobby
  • Society Lounge 1
  • Society Lounge 2
  • Game Room
  • Gym
  • Theater - KTV
  • Play Area
  • Pool
  • West Lobby
  • Social Zone
  • Dance Studio
  • Function Room
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